The methods of competition between teams in UpRace 2023

1. How many leaderboards are there for teams?

03 (three) leaderboards:

  • Company

  • Sports Club

  • School

2. How is the performance calculated?

The performance of each team is calculated as the total valid performance of all participants representing the team in the event. Teams within the same division compete against each other.

3. Can teams be formed after October 6th and still participate in the competition?

Yes, teams formed after the start of the event can still participate in the competition as long as it is before the end of UpRace 2023. Forming a team before or after the official running start date of UpRace 2023 only affects your team's competitive advantage.

4. Can I participate in multiple teams for the competition?

No, you can only choose one team from the participating teams to compete for and accumulate points for that team.

5. If I want to leave my current team and join a new team this year, what do I need to do?

You cannot switch teams during the ongoing event.

6. Can I change teams after making my selection?

You can only change teams before the event begins. Once the event has started (from 00:00 on October 6, 2023), you will not be able to change the team you have selected.

7. If I don't join any team, will my performance be recorded?

Yes, your performance will still be recorded and recognized

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