UpRace 2023 event information

1. What is UpRace 2023 event?

UpRace 2023 is a FREE community running event open to everyone on the UpRace web/mobile platform. Participants are free to run at their own time and location and are encouraged to record their running results using mobile devices (such as smartphones or fitness watches) to accumulate as much distance as possible.

2. Timeline UpRace 2023
  • Thời gian thi đấu bắt đầu từ 00 giờ ngày 06/10/2023 tới 23 giờ 59 phút ngày 29/10/2023 (24 ngày).

  • Giờ Việt Nam (GMT+7) được sử dụng làm múi giờ chuẩn cho sự kiện.

3. Can I register for UpRace 2023 after start date of the event?

If a runner starts competing after October 6, 2023, their performance will be recorded from the start of their participation until the end of October 29, 2023. Therefore, the number of days for their participation will be fewer than other athletes.

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